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  • Refreshing Your LinkedIn Profile

    LinkedIn is a great network for marketing yourself to prospective employers and clients.  Taking a few minutes to refresh your LinkedIn profile can go a long way to establishing your professional web. Photo Make sure you have an up-to-date LinkedIn photo.  This isn’t the forum for adding your latest shot at the beach; unless you […]

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  • LinkedIn Tips for the Professional

    Ask any professional which social app they deem to be critical to career networking and LinkedIn will be named. The LinkedIn networking app was created with the vision that anyone at any time could network with industry members, professionals and other like-minded people. With so many other social apps, LinkedIn is often not utilized to […]

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  • How to Increase Twitter Engagement for your Business

    Twitter engagement is the running dialogue about your company that occurs in the online world and can be something you actively promote or can be something that is organically driven without any involvement from the company. Your tweeting goals will likely differ between your personal twitter account and your corporate one. Retweet/Mention/Comment One simple way […]

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  • How to Create a Social Media Bio

    No matter which social media platform you create a company profile or page for, one of the most important impressions you can make is the business bio.  It is important to have a carefully crafted and engaging business bio, however, with character limitations in place, you need to succinctly and efficiently convey your business attributes […]

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  • Examples of Social Media

    Here is a brief rundown of some of the biggest social media platforms out there (There are lots more!  This is only a small sampling of the bigger platforms): Facebook: a social networking platform that allows users to create accounts that feature their personal commentary, photos and videos. Google+: is a social media network that […]

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  • Benefits of Social Media for Business Owners

    Social media is not just a passing trend. It is more than a popularity contest where your business is ranked based on likes and retweets. Once a business owner understands the true scope and applicability of social media for their own business, they can better market and advertise their product. Here are a few benefits […]

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  • Social Media Marketing for Business

    See also: Social Media – What is it? Social media is the online ability to have instantaneous communications, interactions, and allows for content-sharing and collaboration.  Social media is interactive, rapid and easily accessible.  The collaborative and online nature allows for various mediums whereby companies can reach out to new and existing clients. Social media marketing (SSM) […]

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  • Social Media – What Is It?

    See also: Social Media Marketing for Business Hopefully by now everyone knows what the internet is, everyone has an email account and likely everyone has used a Google search at least once in their lives.  Beyond this basic world of online click and search, there is a new trend: social media. Traditionally consumers have used […]

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