Social Media Content Schedule


There are several steps in creating a social media content calendar.  Taking the time each month to understand your goals, plan and create your content and review and analyze your results can help achieve social media success.

Social Goals

A well-thought-out content schedule can help you organize, plan and publish your social media content.  The first step in creating a content schedule is to understand your social media goals.  Set smart goals that include: content, followers, subscribers, sales and overall growth.  Set goals and ensure you are following-up at the end of each campaign to ensure you are meeting your goals.

Who, What, When, Where

Create a content schedule for each separate social platform.  Decide which site will share your blogs, which will share motivational and inspirational quotes, sales-pitches and product promotions, announcements and which will use repurposed user-generated content.  Your content schedule should indicate the platform, the content, the graphics and text for the social posts.  Depending on your social goals, your content schedule may be hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.


Once you have planned out your social content, you need to actually create the content!  Research, draft and design each social post.  Always keep in mind your SMART goals!  Create content that will be meaningful and engaging.  Seek to be informative and help brand yourself as a leader and expert.


Invest in a good social media scheduler.  Using a tool such as Sprout Social will help save time and money.  AI tools will help you schedule your posts for the dates and times your social followers are most likely to engage with your content. 

Monitor and Engage

Once the posts are out there, take the time to monitor the posts and actively engage with your social followers.  Using analytic tools will help you review and revise the content you are sharing. 

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