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  • How to Develop a Content Plan

    If you don’t have an effective content plan, then you’re likely not maximizing your social engagement. You need a detailed content plan to structure and plan your writing and content, so that your content is boosting social engagement. How do you do it? First, identify your AUDIENCE.  Put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes. Who […]

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  • Social Media Marketing During the Coronavirus

    With our period of social distancing and quarantining exceeding more than a month now, it has become abundantly apparent that small businesses are being hard-hit by the economic impacts of the Coronavirus.  Not only are brick and mortar shops closed, but the financial uncertainties that the future holds have left many would-be consumers putting away […]

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  • Social Media in a Crisis

    SOCIAL MEDIA IN A CRISIS This recent and unprecedented COVID-19 crisis in which we currently find ourselves has many businesses wondering what should they do with their social media strategy?  Should it be ‘business as usual’ with social postings?  Should they go radio silent?  Should they leverage and promote as the number of social media […]

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  • Creating Content for Mobile Users

    No matter where you go there seems to always be someone on their mobile phone.  Tasks that used to rely heavy on face-to-face interactions are now a thing of the past.  Banking – yup, that can be done on our phone; we don’t even have to go to a teller or machine to deposit a […]

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  • Social Media Content Schedule

    CREATING A SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT CALENDAR There are several steps in creating a social media content calendar.  Taking the time each month to understand your goals, plan and create your content and review and analyze your results can help achieve social media success. Social Goals A well-thought-out content schedule can help you organize, plan and […]

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  • Understanding Your Social Media Audience

    Social media is a great way to reach your audience. In order to maximize your digital marketing, you need to grow your social audience.  But do you know who your audience is and what they are looking for? Here are several key tips to getting to know your audience: Take a look at your current social […]

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  • The Importance of Facebook Reactions

    We could talk about Facebook for hours, especially when it comes to businesses and brand building. Facebook continues to be the dominant platform for Millennials, GenX and Baby Boomers alike, which continues to make it a must in the world of social media marketing. Previously, users interacted with Facebook posts through comments and likes.  Now, […]

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