Social Media in a Crisis


This recent and unprecedented COVID-19 crisis in which we currently find ourselves has many businesses wondering what should they do with their social media strategy?  Should it be ‘business as usual’ with social postings?  Should they go radio silent?  Should they leverage and promote as the number of social media users’ skyrockets? 

The overarching message we are telling our Clients with respect to this global situation and their social media strategy is consider who is looking at your content and how will they receive the information you are choosing to share.  Does your business have relevant and important information to disseminate to its customers?  Do your customers need up-to-date information that you can share to them?  If you are selling widgets and looking to run a pandemic promotion for your widgets… consider not.  Your radio silence will likely be met with less backlash than a pandemic promotion that may cause irreparable harm to your corporate goodwill.  Right here in Calgary, many restaurants announced they were planning on staying open – in limited capacity and in accordance with local COVID-19 regulations.  Despite their intentions to keep running within these parameters, social backlash was swift and fierce.  Many did a complete 180 and closed up shop. 

Although our current situation is anything but normal, eventually people will become normalized to a life at home.  They will fall into routine and habits.  Hopefully most of them will still be employed and working remotely.  Many will be looking to social media more frequently and will expect a more ‘business as usual’ approach to social postings as things normalize. 

For some business, this may be a time of increased need to connect with their social audiences.  Those in the health care business may need to increase their online engagement and response times.  With less staff working in the office and patients with many important questions, it is likely that the phone lines will be very busy.  Leverage social media and DM’s as a way to share common questions and up-to-date information.

This is a good time to work with your social media consultant to discuss your current social media strategy.  Regularly scheduled posts may need to be curtailed and/or cancelled.  Advertisements need to ensure they are sensitive to the current situation.  Some people are dealing with sick family members, job layoffs and a transition to life in quarantine.  Make sure your graphics are tasteful.  At the same time, you have a business to run.  Your social media consultant can help create posts and ads that will resonate with your audience and help keep your business growing without looking like you are leveraging a global pandemic to make a profit.


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