No matter where you go there seems to always be someone on their mobile phone.  Tasks that used to rely heavy on face-to-face interactions are now a thing of the past.  Banking – yup, that can be done on our phone; we don’t even have to go to a teller or machine to deposit a cheque!  Even fast-food restaurants have gone mobile – you place your order on your phone and someone delivers it to your car!

 In this age of mobile convenience, ensuring your content is available and engaging to a mobile user is very important.  If you fail to adapt to the mobile universe you are missing out on numerous opportunities for growth.

 Know Your Audience

The first key to mobile success is to know who your audience is.  Your social media manager can advise you when and where your audience is engaging with your content.  The general trend these days is to see engagement via mobile sources as opposed to desktops.

Understanding who your audience is and how they are accessing your content will be a major key to success.  The more you know them, the more strategically you can create your digital marketing plan and reach your desired target.

Create Effective Content

Mobile users need readable and visible content.  Make sure your font size is maximized for mobile users.  A view who needs to squint to read your post will likely skip right by.  Short and succinct headlines that grab attention are more likely to engage mobile users.  Keep your titles no more than 5-6 words.

Mobile users are more likely to scan over your content as opposed to thoroughly read – regardless of how thought provoking your materials!  Keep this in mind and create short, easy to scan paragraphs that get the important and relevant information out quickly.

Consider the contract of the page and text.  Many mobile users are accessing content outside, in the sun… having a high contrast between the text and the page will help make it easier for a mobile user to read your materials.


Pictures are always a great way to attract an audience and in particular resonate well with the mobile users.  Consider smaller photos for your headers so as to not detract from the important first few points of the text, and imbed larger pictures within the content.

 If you are adding video to your content, make sure you code it with HTML5 as Flash is not compatible on mobile devices.


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