How to Create a Social Media Bio

No matter which social media platform you create a company profile or page for, one of the most important impressions you can make is the business bio.  It is important to have a carefully crafted and engaging business bio, however, with character limitations in place, you need to succinctly and efficiently convey your business attributes and social media savvy.

Character Limitations

If you are creating your Twitter page, you are limited to 160 characters.  This can be tight for some companies that offer many services and products.  So, use this opportunity to really streamline what it is you do and what you want your clients and prospective clients to know about you.  Be creative, and edit, edit, edit!  Think about the keywords that describe your company and focus on these words. Abbreviations and are fine and in fact are encouraged.

If you thought Twitter’s 160-character limit was tight, well you are really in for an editing session if you choose to sign up for Instagram which allows for only 150 characters.

Although Facebook has a lengthy “About” section which contains the detailed information about your company, only a few lines actually are visible on the company’s main Facebook page.

Check each social media site for their specific character count limitations.

Consistency Across Platforms

Consider keeping your company bio streamlined across all of your social media pages.  This helps people recognize your business across various social media platforms.  Another good idea is to have the same handle name, avatar and banner across all platforms.  Each social media site will have specific sizing requirements for the avatars and banners but typically the avatars and banners can easily be adjusted to fit the required dimensions.


You cannot afford to have spelling or grammatical errors in your bio.  The only caveat to that would be common abbreviations or socially accepted softener’s.  Proofread your bio to ensure important things, like your company name and any URL’s, are correct.

Business profile pages can be updated.  Keep this in mind if you have something new or exciting that is coming up that you would like to promote.

Your company bio is your first introduction to a prospective client…draw them in.

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